What is Front-end Designer, Developer and engineer!

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Front End-Designer or Front-End-Developer or Front-End-Engineer! Do they all exist? The answer is “Yes”.Then Which one is for me? Sounds kind of weird? May be it should be! In 2017 maybe the industry has become so robust and outranged that we have to use special terms to define specific roles for a Front end developer.As they say “More specialization means more better perfomance and postive feedbacks.”Let’s try know to about the specific roles for each of these special terms.

Front End Designer.


Pros and cons

Frank to say I am very much delighted to hear the emerging term ‘Front-end-Design’ .So, what is front end design exactly. Frontend design involves creating the HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript code that makes up a user interface.” Front end designer has the duty of maintaining a pixel perfect experience in the user interfaces . An user interface designer will hand over the design to him and you do look after it.blog-image

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Main Responsiblities:

01. They understand UX principles and best practices, but may not spend their time conducting research, creating flows, and planning scenarios.

02. They have a keen eye for aesthetics, but may not spend their time pouring over font pairings, comparing color palettes, or creating illustrations and icons.

03. Efficiency in writing semantic coding approach.

03. Profound and Solid understaning of responsive design and able to implement it through different devices like mobiles,tablets and Desktops.

04. Master moduler CSS or use a CSS pre processors like LESS, SCSS, Stylus and so on.

05. Workalbe knowledge of Photoshop or sketch or may be Invision to understand, extract images and collaborate on designs provided by the designers.

06. They can write JavaScript, but may not spend their time writing application-level code, wiring up middleware, or debugging.

07. They understand the importance of backend development, but may not spend their time writing backend logic, spinning up servers, load testing, etc.

Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript. – Jeff Atwood


Pros and cons

Here comes the most anticipated term ‘Front-End-Engineer’.What the heck the term ‘engineer’ doing in the front end development industry. Let’s make it clear. Actually this is not very long time , when the term “front-end engineer” has coined for the first time in web development industry.With the emergence of javascript in almost everywhere (webapp,mobile development,embedded devices) a developer has to think in a very profound way to extract any solution.’MEAN STACK’ also accelerates the enginnering approach in the front end part. Companies like Facebook,Google,Linkedin are using robust front end technologies in their platforms to serve better user experience and perfromance.In a word it’s the engineering approach in the development world of Front-End part. With the emergence of libraries and frameworks like React, Angular the Front end part has become so much extensive and rich. It’s almost difficult for one person to handle all the activities with a single hand also. A modern engineering approach of web development differs from typical development process in many ways. Firstly, with the development environment and then page loading and performance issues. By the blessings of NODE.js and it’s package manager NPM, a modern front-end engineer now has to deal with CLI (Command line interface) for using build task commands. Now there are also css technologies like Sass and Less and also Html templating engine like Jade, Embed Js,Handlebar.js etc which needs a lot of technical implementation of your knowledge.Here are some requirements for a Front-End-Engineer to fulfill.blog-image

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Main Responsiblities:

01. Manitains performance and automation of your applications by using top notch technologies like React,Angualar or Vue. Know your main front-end engine “Browsers”. Learn how browser’s load and render assets including browser engine structure.

02. Have a proper understanind of RAW Javascript before learning jQuery — a lot of newbies directly jump into jQuery without learning the main programming concepts and Javascript. It is ok for a front end designer or may be for some Front-End-Developer(not all) but certainly not for a Front-End-Engineer.

03. Gain knowledge of client- server architecture and network performance evaluation to see the assets loading to your page using chrome or firefox developer tools or your favorite developer tools

04. Master CLI or terminal.Believe me, when you are going to work with build or automation process for your project you gonna need some command line skills and understandings.

05. Master any of the one automation/build tools like Grunt ,Gulp or Webpack — about how to build your package to minify/uglify your CSS and JS files, cleaning extra markups and style classes in production version of your page.

06. Lean how to use GIT version controlling using Github. Even if you are working alone in a project using Git and Github is a top notch professional approach and your employer would definitely give an extra consideration if you have intermediate-advanced Git skills.

07. Try to deploy your project on cloud platform like Heroku and learn how to directly deploy projects by connecting Github and Cloud platform using CLI.



“Front-End-Developer” is the most cherished one and also one of the most widely known term in the web world for a long time. I have lived on this term for all of career. A website has a physical 2 ends which are front-end and back-end. So you can asily assume all the responsiblities in the front end part that are maintained efficiently by a front end developer.The opportunity is huge for a front end developer as the ‘MEAN Stack’ is getting popular day by day. It means code sharing and also writing one language(Javascript) on front and back to take advantage.No doubt specialization is the demand of the industry and people are coping up the trends and it’s going to brust out in the coming days!!!

Must have skills to work on Front end part.


2. Basic Photoshop,Invision

3. Javascript AND Jquery

4. Angular.js,React.js,Vue.js,Ember.js

5. Gulp,Webpack

6. Css Preprocessing

7. Command Line and Version Control

8. Resposive Design

9. Testing/Debugging

10. Knowledge of REST API

Happy learning and implementing is the way to go. Learn one by one and never fear to try. Because If you don’t go through the period of trying and failing simultaneously, you may never be creative!.

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